(OOC: Now that I’m out of the hiatus, I can finally join Tumblrpon High! Here’s Tumblrpon High’s version of Werelight. One day, this Twilight Sparkle was lured by a strange cult. She was then taken into a warehouse, where the cult was revealed to be doing experiments involving Windigo possession. Some ponies just become bitter with hatred, while other ponies became mindless monsters, locked into cages. Soon, Twilight was next in line for experimenting, and was forced a Windigo Spirit into her body. Which turns her into, you guessed it, Werelight Shine. Upon realizing she was still herself, even after being possessed, Twilight fought against this cult. The majority of them got away, leaving Twilight stuck like this. Unable to do anything about this, she now attends school under a new identity as an exchange student. Unlike the original Main Story where she is Twilight by day and Werelight at night, here she is Werelight 24/7. Due to her intimidating appearance, a lot of ponies misjudge her. As she attends Tumblrpon High, Werelight looks for the cult who did this to her, and get them to cure her.)

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